Scrap useless subscriptions and save your business the hassle and cost of adding staff, with our expert social media packages.

Our expert social media team provides businesses a better option, where they can get tailored, quality content for their social media, without the cookie-cutter approach of a subscription, or the expense of hiring full time or part time staff. We are real people, with expertise in brand, storytelling and content marketing, all of which will inform your social media strategy, so you can expect quality and results.

  • Tailored and authentic content specific to your brand, strategy and goals
  • Designed, optimised and delivered
  • Created by expert humans.

Only 10 spots available, so hurry!

Our expert social media team will get to know your business, build original brand templates, and create regular social media content that's designed to engage and grow your audience.


To be able to deliver a quality service, we can only take care of a limited number of social media clients at any one time. 

Discretion is a key part of our service, but here is some of the feedback we've received from our social media clients.


It's very targeted,  which means we're only investing in content that truly resonates with our audience.

Higher Education Client


The quality of content and the speed it's delivered is amazing. We can host an event and have the summary online that very day.

Innovation Client


Our industry has tight restrictions, but thanks to Quip Brands, we've been able to use social media to attract new clients and sell our services.

Insurance Broker

We can tailor a package to your needs, or you might want to start with one of our popular packages.

Social Starter

Great for startups, and basic social media needs. 




  • Post Design & Copy
  • 2 x platforms, 8 x posts 
  • 6-month content plan
  • Optimisation for maximum reach
  • Measurement & performance
Seriously Social

Replace the need for a social media team, with our expert team at the ready.




  • Post Design & Copy
  • 3 x platforms, 12 x posts 
  • 12-month content plan
  • Optimisation for maximum reach
  • Measurement & performance
  • 12 stock images
  • Regular team briefings
  • Content campaigns
  • Hashtag research
  • Staff training for live content
  • Updated designs

Find out how a bunch of brand storytellers can turn your social media struggles into a strength.

Social media is causing many companies a lot of stress.

For less than the cost of hiring, we can help companies who are committed to having a strong social presence, connect and engage their audience through social media.

We've helped educators, innovators, entreprenuers, insurers and health & beauty brands benefit from a strong social game. 

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