Karl Lagerfeld, we’re going to miss you!

A little op-ed from Quip Brands Director, Keeva Stratton A little while back, a hotel used an image of a man and a woman enjoying breakfast in bed—he was reading the Financial Review, and she was reading a Chanel coffee table book. There was outrage. ‘Why is a man always depicted as the intelligent one?’, they asked. […]

Want to know what’s missing from your social media subscription?

Technology has promised to ease your social media burdens with a simple monthly subscription fee. It sounds attractive, with all the algorithm promises set to save you people hours, making social media domination as simple as a cheap monthly fee.  But, as the old adage goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it […]

Why every little girl should grow up wanting a dragon tattoo

When Stieg Larsson created his now iconic character, Lisbeth Salander, I wonder if he knew he was creating one of the great female superheroes of our time.  Where little boys have for generations looked up to Superman and James Bond, to Jason Bourne or Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker or Rambo, to the various heroic film […]

What Samuel L Jackson can teach marketers about voice: the key to finding a common voice for disparate audiences.

One of the challenges we keep encountering pertains to voice. We have a client, whose product appeals to a variety of quite distinct audiences (different ages, tastes, incomes and lifestyle triggers), each of whom has quite different motivations for purchase. So, how do you talk to all of them, in an equally engaging and appealing way? […]

Getting schooled on branding by Dr Dre.

What’s a great brand worth? About 3 Billion dollars, according to The Defiant Ones. Branding is the make or break for most businesses. Build a brand that your target market loves, and wants to engage with, and you’re well on your way to market domination. Never has this been so evident than in a generation […]

Is your sponsorship a waste of money?

Thinking about sponsorships? Here’s how to pick the perfect match for your brand. In the age of Instagram, team sponsorships or celebrity or charity partnerships can be very alluring; and when matched well, they are a quick way to build your social media exposure and show the world the calibre of people in your network. […]

Will Crazy Rich Asians rebrand Singapore?

For those unfamiliar with Kevin Kwan’s book, a sharp-witted analysis of bourgeois culture, Singapore-style—he tells the (fictional) story of an American-born Chinese woman, who unknowingly falls in love with Singapore’s richest bachelor, and hilariously lampoons the absurdities of lifestyles marked by extreme Singaporean wealth. Now made into a film with a near entirely Asian cast, […]

Want to know how Keeva voted in the 25 Greatest Aussie films?

Our Director, Keeva Stratton, was thrilled to be asked to contribute to flicks.com.au 25 Greatest Aussie Films of the 21st Century survey. It was a difficult task to whittle down so many incredible films into a top ten, but read on to find out what she selected: https://www.flicks.com.au/news/the-25-greatest-australian-films-of-the-21st-century-how-every-critic-voted/

5 fundamentals that every great brand is built on.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos so aptly summarised branding as what people say about you when you are no longer in the room. Do you know what they’re saying about you? Are you wondering how to change the script, or even write it in the first place? You can create a brand that tells the story you […]