We are creative strategists, brand specialists, writers, thinkers and storytellers.

The unique lens formed by our collective creativity can help you bring to life bold ideas, have impact and be remembered.

Keeva Stratton

is Quip’s Founder.

A creative strategist, expert storyteller and successful entrepreneur, Keeva’s superpower is to bring bold, insightful and intelligent ideas to life.

She has provided her creative expertise to many national and international brands, is a mentor and activator, and proudly supports the female entrepreneurial community.

Brandon Jack

is a talented writer, thinker and musician who’s unafraid of challenging outdated perspectives.

Brandon is a dynamic writer, able to channel various voices and personas, bringing to life engaging campaigns.

His superpower is empathy, which helps him to infuse originality and authenticity into his work.

Lauren Dalton

is a social media specialist and popular influencer in her own right.

She intuitively understands the language, community and tribalism of social media, and loves helping brands to connect and engage their audience via a range of digital channels.

Her superpower is digital marketing, having the ability to demystify and simplify an effective social media strategy.

Steph Goltsova

is a talented opera singer, entrepreneur and writer, who can command an audience on stage, or through her words.

Now based in London, Steph continues her quipping as a consultant, providing expert advice on content marketing and digital campaigns.

Her superpower is the ability to bring clarity, intelligence and emotion to everything she writes.

As a team, we’ve got history.

Between us there are seven university degrees, 50 years of experience, and countless successful campaigns, executed with our content and strategic work.

It’s why we are uniquely positioned—as experts in not-for-profit campaigns, industry specialists in the innovation and the start-up ecosystem, as well as the education sector—to deliver future thinking campaigns that are never tone deaf or boring. 

We’ve also delivered successful projects for major banks, insurance companies and Government, having brought creativity to campaigns that are complex, sensitive or heavily regulated.

Our unique mix of cause-based campaigns and commercial experience has us wonderfully positioned to help businesses that are for purpose and for profit to find the creativity they need to have impact.

We’re also creative, and according to Adobe we even have a type.