We are creative strategists, brand specialists, writers, thinkers and storytellers.

‘If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.’

Peter Drucker

Recently, we stopped doing something old. We stopped modelling our strategies and creative processes on mainstream agencies. The world has changed, and we realised that in order to do something new, we had to apply our own creativity and thinking to ourselves.

We are in the front row seat. What we have is different. Our experience, qualifications and knowledge across a range of industries and clients, as well as our true creativity, forms a unique brains trust, able to solve a myriad of challenges in order to build measurable and meaningful brands.

We’re Quip Brands and we invite you to see how your business can benefit.

Our Team.

Between us there are seven university degrees, 50 years of experience, and countless successful brand strategies and concepts.

Keeva Stratton

is Quip’s Founder.

Keeva has had a diverse and richly interesting career to date, with 20 years of media and advertising experience—10 of which she has spent as a successful entrepreneur, and 8 years as a popular film and cultural critic with her finger on the creative pulse.

She is the founder of Quip Brands, a leading brand agency based in Sydney and is a successful and sought-after mentor and activator, with a particular investment in supporting the female entrepreneurial community.

Years ago, her career began with recording and directing character voices for arcade games; it’s a career that has since taken many strange and wonderful twists and turns. She’s produced a national science fiction radio show; she’s covered Australian Fashion Week; and interviewed Hollywood heavyweights such as Quentin Tarantino. As a traffic manager, she managed the advertising schedules for a network of 72 radio and 3 TV stations, before being promoted to National Creative Director.

As Creative Director, she’s led a litany of successful and influential campaigns for numerous national brands; she has come to be renowned for her adeptness and skill in engaging complex problems with empathy and insight. Her brand strategies, built upon a philosophy of creativity, have helped set the foundations for many companies’ growth and success.

Keeva’s talks on creativity, inspiration and empathy are known for offering key insights into the creative process, inspire new ways of problem-solving and demonstrate how storytelling for brands can be a powerful mechanism for sparking change.

Keeva has degrees in Communications and Cultural Studies, a Master of Criminology and a Juris Doctor, adding complex layers to her understanding of audience and engagement. 

To hire Keeva as a keynote speaker or inspirational session, please get in touch.

Brandon Jack

is a talented writer, thinker and musician who’s unafraid of challenging outdated perspectives.

Brandon is a dynamic writer, able to channel various voices and personas, bringing to life engaging campaigns.

His superpower is empathy, which helps him to infuse originality and authenticity into his work.

Lauren Dalton

is a social media specialist and popular influencer in her own right.

She intuitively understands the language, community and tribalism of social media, and loves helping brands to connect and engage their audience via a range of digital channels.

Her superpower is digital marketing, having the ability to demystify and simplify an effective social media strategy.

Steph Goltsova

is a talented opera singer, entrepreneur and writer, who can command an audience on stage, or through her words.

Now based in London, Steph continues her quipping as a consultant, providing expert advice on content marketing and digital campaigns.

Her superpower is the ability to bring clarity, intelligence and emotion to everything she writes.

We’re also creative, and according to Adobe we even have a type.