Keeva talks cancel culture in Branders Magazine Feb Issue.

Every brand today has its own publishing opportunities. From your website, to your social media accounts, it’s never been easier to speak to your customers—or the world.

But, with this newfound reach—and the immediacy of it—comes a need for caution. And, recently, that caution has extended to a risk of being ‘cancelled’ should your brand, or one of its key representatives, say the wrong thing online.

That’s right, the terrible behaviours that once only revealed themselves at the office Christmas party, are now privy for the world to witness from the moment your people hit their keys. 

So, what can you do?

How can brands tell their stories in the era of cancel culture? 

Our very own Keeva Stratton was asked to contribute her thoughts to Branders Magazine’s February issue, which was brimming with extraordinary brand figures—including the legendary Marty Neumeier, and Disney’s Duncan Wardle—in an issue that talks branding in a post covidian world.

You can read it, here.

Telling your story in the cancel culture era, Branders Magazine Feb Issue

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