They did it quietly, just before Santa dropped his first sack, but Ms Tee launched its first ever collection in December 2019.

This little brand with a bold vision and a strong message of female empowerment has finally arrived after founders Berny Bacic and Keeva Stratton decided to release their first five designs in limited release.

So, who is Ms Tee?

Ms Tee is about helping women speak their mind, without saying a word. Whether you’re a little quirky, or have a strong, angry message to impart. Having the courage and permission to be unapologetically you is something many women struggle with, but through these bold and beautiful tees, hopefully every woman can feel confident in who they are.

Quality and care at every step.

Designed and screen printed in Australia, Ms Tee brings an artisan touch to your favourite wardrobe staple. From the quality cotton shirts, to the care taken with each print, a lot of thought has gone into every shirt.

Developing a strong brand, in a saturated market.

T-shirts are hardly rare items, and there are now plenty of options for people to design and print their own, but Ms Tee’s founders believed a gap still existed for quality t-shirts that also have something powerful to say.

Ms Tee t-shirts combine the powerful messaging and artful design many hope to find in their print to order tees, with a quality and longevity that is typically found in high end boutiques.  

For Keeva (Quip Brand’s own director and co-founder of Ms Tee) this brand was personal. She says, ‘I’ve spent my entire career developing and promoting other people’s brands. To finally be able to conceive of a brand that is so close to my heart has been a terrifying as it’s been tremendous. 

Working with a visual artist as talented as Berny Bacic is a real honour. I’m so excited to see it launch.’

If you’re looking for a t-shirt that speaks to you—and can speak for you—why not check out Ms Tee.

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