Will we rage against the machines in the 2020’s, or rave with them?

Welcome to the 2020s!

The era of artificial intelligence and machine learning has finally arrived, and for those brands feeling a sense of panic as we enter the next evolution in technology—fear not. 

The tools and knowledge that will be made available to you will help you to streamline your productivity, and access greater insights than any focus group can provide.

Why brands should be excited

Never before has been controlling the quality of your brand so simple. In 2018, Adobe introduced us to Sensei, and all of us who struggle with multiple design executions sat in wonder at the way the machine learning of Sensei would provide multiple creative executions at the touch of a button.

Canva is also working on making brand protection and consistency easier for brands. With agencies using Canva now able set up controlled templates for their clients, meaning brand mishaps will be minimised, while self-creation of collateral across departments will increase.  

And then there is the research. Our research arm Maven Intelligence is already shaking up traditional research by offering brands the chance to gain powerful audience insights, from thousands of people, in a matter of days.

It’s going to be an incredible decade for brands.

And, as long as brands keep their consumer interests at heart, it’s going to be an incredible decade for consumers, too.

Personalisation, convenience and customised experiences will increase this decade. With the technology now available to build customer experiences based on their past behaviours, as well as using predictive technology to keep customers engaged going forward.

The perfect customer experience is always one that feels seamless. You feel like the brand ‘gets’ you and they continue to feed your engagement by providing you with new interests that you’re predisposed to enjoy.

We all want to be seen and heard, and through technology, this decade is going to allow brands to deliver many of the warm ‘feels’ we desire albeit from the cold hard machine’s that will learn us better than we know ourselves.

Three key takeouts:

  • Embrace machine learning to help protect your brand and streamline your content creation.
  • Artificial intelligence can gather powerful insights from online users, replacing traditional brand research.
  • The more personal and predictive your customer experience, the more you’ll engage your audience going forward.

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