Vogue Codes gets us excited about the future of females in tech!

By Keeva Stratton

Me wearing my fave Karen Walker pants!

Having attended the Vogue Codes Summit here in Sydney on the 14thof June, I was excited to hear from and connect with some incredible female leaders in tech. The summit arrived at just the right time, because having just read Melinda Gate’s book. ‘The Moment of Lift’, I was fearing a future where gender bias, and various other forms of discrimination, were being hard-baked into the artificial intelligence that’s designing our future.

The day began with Fashion Designer (and woman responsible for my favourite pair of pants as seen in this picture!) Karen Walker.

She reminded us of how Social Media is today’s campfire, giving brands a space to huddle with their people and share stories about what really matters. It was a simple, yet effective visual for this at times overwhelming medium.

Educator Virginia Ellis talked about the importance of encouraging young girls into STEM subjects, and providing them with the support to keep them there. As the STEAM coordinator at Barker College (the A being for Arts), she also recognised that such engagement must include creativity, if it is to have a strong future.

Great to catch up with Glynis Trail-Nash!

Jen Rubio, co-founder of AWAY shared some of her insights into building a modern digital brand. Again the story was key, having recognised that her customers aren’t just there to buy luggage, but rather to experience convenient, smart and luxurious travel. I first heard about AWAY when I was at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and have been very impressed by their branding, storytelling and positioning.

Me, attempting to look at home in front of the flower wall!

Meggie Palmer shared her new PepTalkHer App with us, which aims to help women better negotiate so as to close the pay gap. It’s a wonderful app, and one I’d encourage every young person download, so as to understand their own value and worth to their employer in measurable terms. We’re particularly pay gap horrified here at Quip, and I was totally inspired by Meggie’s practical and passionate approach.

All in all Vogue Codes was an incredible event, that highlighted many inspiring, passionate and hands-on people who were tackling gender inequality in tech head on! I was so thrilled to attend and can’t wait to be part of it next year!

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