Now we know we’re dreamers, adventurers and visionaries.

We did Adobe’s Creative Type Test!

We’ve always known our team had some interesting creative talents. Whether it’s Brandon’s band or his op-ed’s in the Sydney Morning Herald, Lauren’s leadership in junior basketball or her influence as, well, an influencer, and then there’s Keeva and that screenplay she assures us in 80% complete, we know we’re a pretty creative bunch. 

But, thanks to the fabulous minds at Adobe, we now also know our creative type! 

Keeva it turns out is a visionary, Brandon’s a dreamer and Lauren’s an adventurer.

So, what are our strengths?

Keeva is full of big ideas, and has the ability to see potential and possibility everywhere.

Brandon has a strong connection to emotion, imagination, empathy and sensitivity.

And, Lauren has high levels of creative energy, spirit and play!

I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s quite the combination.

To discover your Creative Type, click here:

According to Adobe’s Carolyn Gregoire, Psychologists say that creative people have a tendency to avoid habit and routine—which means we’re constantly changing. We often feel misunderstood because we see the world differently from others—and indeed, neuroscience shows that our brains are literally wired differently.’

This probably explains a lot about what happens here at Quip. We love ideas, art, alternate thinking, and yet all too often struggle with the routines of business, like say, invoicing. 

That’s why we have a great business strategist (thanks Ranya!) to balance out all the the ‘creativity.’

We’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching of late, thinking about what our talented and unique team can offer through creativity. All I can say is ‘watch this space’ because it’s about to real… creative.

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