Why s p a c e was truly out of this world!

What happens when you put 200 creatives, innovators, thought leaders and game changers together for three days in Byron Bay? I was privileged enough to find out, and this life changing experience is one I’ll treasure for years to come.

My journey to s p a c e started curiously enough with an encounter with a real life space cadet, astronaut in training and experimentalist, the phenomenal Dianne McGrath. At this point, I naturally questioned whether I had the right qualifications for this event, but soon found out my lack of actual space credentials was not going to hold me back.

Over the next few days, it’s fair to say, it got real.

Together we opened up. We shared our innermost thoughts and asked each other the tough questions. The first question I was asked (and had to share to a table of people I had long admired) was, ‘what was the biggest lie you’ve ever told?’ Thankfully, Chatham House rules will prevent my answer leaving Byron, but it was a wonderful way to set the mood for raw, open and frightfully honest conversations about what we want to change, and how we hope to do it.

Led by the erudite and creative combination of Holly Ransom, Adam Ferrier and Cj Holden, we were collectively challenged and embraced. Each of us had to present our ideas, or open the discussion on at times difficult and confronting topics. 

How were we going to tackle climate change, inequality, the stains of our history and the uncertainty of our future? From existentialism to nihilism, there wasn’t an ism that escaped us. There have been few opportunities in my life when discussing Nietzsche and fashion (two of my favourite topics) were equally welcomed and needed.

We looked deep into each other’s souls, we drank, and we danced. We learned what sound a wolf makes. There was laughter and tears, mud and mayhem, and that damn tall poppy, blazing away in the rain.

And now we must all come back down to earth—but it feels like a planet full of new possibilities and a powerful determinism to start doing.

Thank you, Cj Holden, for being the glue that brought us all together. When I told you I felt s p a c e had been life changing for me, you asked me how—I guess now I would say to you, how could it possibly have not?

s p a c e series was an innovative conference that sought to bring together the people with the capacity to make change, from a variety of backgrounds and expertise, to spark the curious conversations needed to ignite it.

It was a phenomenal experience and there’s a real sense from those I’ve spoken with after that this is only the beginning for what might come from our time in space. 

So I guess to end, I’d invite you to watch this space…

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