Five simple social media mistakes to avoid.

Most of the businesses we encounter are pretty savvy when it comes to social media risks. They know not to let just anyone have the reins, they are careful to avoid language that could be seen as offensive, and they generally apply a professional lens to all they pos

However, there are plenty of common social media mistakes we see every day that could be the cause of embarrassment, or damage your brand—or worse!—for your business. Here are five that are simple to avoid, if you just take a second longer to inspect your post.

Be aware of the background.

The ability to zoom in on photographs, should be enough to make anyone cautious. Be careful that your clever in-office action shot doesn’t reveal anything unintended, from monitors in the background, or documents lying around on desks. 

It’s best to take a Sherlock Holmes approach to your imagery, and closely inspect each one—not just for quality, but for not-so-hidden surprises before you publish.

Are you sure you like it?

We’re all strapped for time and most of us want to feel part of the conversation, but mindlessly liking a post or article can be a big mistake. Even the most respected columnists can have controversial views, or the link itself may not be to the article you were expecting. 

So, before you endorse, make sure you’re endorsing something you actually like. And, be aware that liking and sharing something that is deemed to be defamatory or offensive can also land you in some legal hot water. 

Do you really want it on your wall?

The pressure to post can often lead to poor quality images, or mindless content being uploaded, simply because you feel the need to post frequently. Don’t. Resist the urge, and remember that quality over quantity remains key to building a strong brand. 

The best social media accounts operate similarly to advertising in their level of creativity, brand awareness and approvals. It might be worth applying the same processes to your social media.

Is it on brand?

If you want to get noticed on social media for all the wrong reasons, try posting something that’s completely off brand. It’s easily done and simply makes no sense, which is why it’s far more likely to attract attention than the content which supports your brand position. It is, of course, not the kind of attention you actually want, so it’s better to avoid it.

Are you being yourself?

Authenticity is the most desirable trait when it comes to social media. Every post, comment, caption or image should be on brand, but also authentic to who you are as a business, person or brand.

It’s easy to feel the pressure to want to be like others on social media, simply because they have a strong following. But, it’s always preferable to have a smaller number of your target audience that genuinely love you, than have plenty of people who are not likely to be your customers kind of like you.

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