Want to know what’s missing from your social media subscription?

Technology has promised to ease your social media burdens with a simple monthly subscription fee. It sounds attractive, with all the algorithm promises set to save you people hours, making social media domination as simple as a cheap monthly fee. 

But, as the old adage goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We often hear of frustrated clients who spend their $70 per month on Google and another $150 per week on a social media subscription, only to see little, if any, results. They get cookie cutter posts, irrelevant content, and their brand is tarnished by cheap and automated posting.

To be honest, they’d be better off without social media. But, as we are all too aware, the currency of social media to the modern audience is such that if it doesn’t happen on social media, did it really happen at all?

No matter how advanced the technology, or how adaptive and intelligent it claims to be, it misses the vital factor for social media—humanity.

Social media is the people’s platform. It’s a place for conversations, catch-ups and connection. Without a human telling your story, responding to your clients or bringing your brand to life, is it any wonder that people switch off?

Targeting is important, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. 

Knowing your audience by data profile is a wonderful way modern marketers can push your brand in front of your audience, but if that’s all it’s doing—pushing—it can be a terrible waste of opportunity, if not worse.

Sure, technology can help your humans use their social platforms more effectively, with pre-scheduling, reporting and data analytics all fantastic tools for businesses. But, without a human behind the wheel, your social media will soon become a tick box exercise that’s about as effective as any other pursuit given a half-hearted effort. 

Technology can only take you so far.

The problem is, people cost money. 

The big brands invest hundreds of thousands, if not millions, into social media, dedicating whole departments to bringing their social presence to life. It leaves their competition struggling to compete, because they are not even on the same playing field. 

So, what can SME’s, start-ups and growing business do to build their social media presence? 

Tell a story.

Brand storytelling has never been more powerful and easy to achieve than through social media. You have an endless medium to build your profile, tell your story and engage your audience. 

Like any other traditional marketing or communications, you need creative people to help you. People who will get to know your brand, and what makes you different, and who will have the creativity and understanding of branding to bring it to life.

We have the people.

If you don’t have social media expertise internally, we’re always happy to chat through your needs and tailor a package to suit them. By making our expert social media team part of yours, you can enjoy all the benefits of a fulltime team, at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re interested in learning more, why not talk to Sydney—our social media specialist. You can email her at Sydney@quipbrands.comto set up a time to chat.

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