Keeva reveals how to get inside your audience as a special guest on the Newsmodo Podcast

A lot has changed over the years, since the days when TV, newspaper and radio advertisements were just about the only ways we as marketers connected with consumers. But now, both brands and their customers are much more attuned to what’s out there and have the ability to share moments of inspiration in so many profound ways.

As they say…“Advertisements sell offers, but successful branding and the meaningful connection it fosters, builds long-term customer loyalty.” So why are companies drifting away from promoting flash-sales, and showing off their brand “new and improved” creations to a more subtle approach that offers insight, entertainment and value?

As much as we love automation and technology because it makes our life so much easier; we know that ‘push’ marketing can only achieve so much… And that to truly connect on that emotional lever we need to recognise the intangibles that only we as humans can think, feel and share.

Understanding human behavior is something Keeva Stratton know all about.. What drives us, where we find joy and how to tap into the minds of our customers is as important as any other aspect of brand storytelling. By building relationships and bonds with our audience, we can in turn be rewarded with consumer loyalty, “micro” brand ambassadors and content amplification – As those who join us on that journey share it, like it and amplify it to others.

Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli looks at how to tap into our emotional side and get a read of the room when it comes to navigating the traits of our target audience, and what can we do to really move the needle on engagement through content that reaches out through the screen, grabs attention and tugs at heart strings.

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