Our team is growing!

It’s been a busy few months, and we’re very excited to have added to our growing team.

Stephanie Goltsov has been with us for a while, and when she’s not setting the stage alight as an opera singer, she brings her equally melodic charms to her writing. Steph’s going to be heading to Europe soon, but that doesn’t mean we’re letting her leave the team—sorry Steph!


Sydney Rose began as our intern, but there was no way we were letting her take her talents elsewhere. This budding social media superstar has already banned Keeva from instagram, which will mean less cocktail snaps, and shoefies, but a whole lot more content that relates to our brand.

We’re also very excited to have Brandon Jack join our writing team. A musician and former AFL footballer, Brandon’s elite wordsmith-ing delivers real creative flair.

Make sure you stop by Martin Place and say ‘hi’


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