Why your brand should tell a story, and how to get started.


Recently, our Director Keeva Stratton, was asked by The Creative Sista to share her top tips for storytelling. The Creative Sista is inspiring professional women to tap into their creative juices for the benefit of themselves, and their businesses.

In the article, Keeva says:

Brand storytelling is a powerful tool. Every brand that’s ever succeeded has a clear story. Nike tells us to ‘just do it’—take on life, be active, don’t make excuses. Apple wants us to ‘think different’—evolve how you use technology, change how you live.


Kit-Kat wants you to take a break, and enjoy a simple little treat, no fuss. There are many more, but the real question is: what is your brand’s story?


What is your business asking its customers to do? How does your story guide them and inspire them? How are your values communicated through your story? What does it say about you?


If you’ve never thought much about storytelling, or simply thought of it as a tool just for writers, I hope this article might inspire a different view.

To read it in full, and join this incredible community of business women, visit: http://www.thecreativesista.com/why-storytelling-isnt-just-a-tool-for-writers-by-keeva-stratton/


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