Why every creative entrepreneur needs a Mrs Firestone.

During a quick work trip to Melbourne, I—as one of around 6,000 daily visitors—took the time to absorb the creative genius of Christian Dior, and his successors, placed on display for the DIOR exhibition at National Gallery Victoria.

It was truly marvellous.


Aside from being an eye-smacking display of some of the most iconic, detailed and frankly exquisite gowns one can only feel privileged to witness, it also offered a little reminder that every entrepreneur needs at least one person to believe in them. For Dior, it was Mrs. Elizabeth Firestone.


Described in the collection as being a loyal and early client of Dior’s work, Mrs. Firestone’s ability to see his creative genius, even in its most formative years, could very well have been a primary catalyst for the 70 immensely rewarding years to follow.


Loyal clients—who are willing to part with their hard-earned cash, and take an educated punt on developing talent—are a gift to any entrepreneur. They give you confidence, and belief, and the financial reward to keep pursuing that dream.


These special clients reserve their scrutiny in favour of trust during the fires of the creative process. Creativity can be so easily quashed by fear. It’s hard, as any type of creator or innovator, to hold your ground when the fears of those you respect are being lobbed in your general direction.



To read this little note regarding Mrs. Firestone was a wonderful reminder of the sustaining power of belief. Thanks to my Mrs. Firestones, I’ve been daring to run a creative business for nearly 10 years. I owe them an incredible debt (and will always go above and beyond for them).


If you’re a client, or an agency looking to engage a creative service, please be bold and daring—and once you’ve made your selection, give that creative your belief. It will be repaid in equally bold work, and years of devout loyalty.


Too often I hear people say fashion isn’t art, advertising isn’t art, branding isn’t art, copywriting isn’t art. It is.


And, if it takes a thousand exhibitions as wonderful as Warhol’s and Dior’s, with their thousands upon thousands of admiring visitors, to illustrate this point, then so be it.


Thank you, Mrs. Firestone—for giving all of us the chance to be enriched by Christian Dior, and the Yves Saint Laurent’s, John Galliano’s, Raf Simmons’, and Maria Grazie Chiuri’s to follow.

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