Quip Brands launches rebrand, by sharing key branding insights.

The importance of branding is becoming more evident to businesses struggling to make their mark in an increasingly competitive and content driven world. It’s why Quip Brands’ Director, Keeva Stratton, wanted to pivot her business to give a greater focus to brand development and strategy.


‘While Quip Brands will continue to enjoy creating marketing and advertising campaigns, I believe the greatest impact I can have for my clients as a creative and a strategist right now, is in helping them develop strong foundations for their brands.’


To further explain the importance of branding, Keeva brought together a panel of media industry experts to share their thoughts on the secrets of brand success. With a panel that included founder and editor of popular lifestyle publication RESCU.com.au and author of Rescu Me! The ultimate makeover guide for a fabulous life, Bahar Etminan, PR expert and Executive Director of M&C Partners, Justin Kelly, and marketing coach and Director of The Marketing Advantage, Karen Varker, many great insights into modern branding were shared.


Bahar explained the importance of consistency: ‘You have to pick the elements of your story that are the most important to form your brand and then you need to be true to them. Authenticity is so important, as is consistency.


Justin agreed, ‘I encounter a lot of great start-ups who haven’t given a lot of thought to their brand story. It’s really important, and it’s also important to be ready to tell yours. Businesses often underestimate the power of having great photography that represents who they are. But, first they have to know who they are.’


Strategic thinking when it comes to adding new products or services to a brand is also necessary, according to Karen. ‘It’s amazing how many brands don’t realise that there are ways to leverage a brand that add value to a brand, and there are also ways to do damage, if it’s not true to your brand.’


The opportunity for businesses is that consumers ultimately love brands. According to Bahar, ‘people enjoy the experience of brands, so capturing that and delivering a great experience, is a fabulous way for businesses to connect.’


Justin also thinks taking the time to get a better understanding of who your business is, and what it offers to its customers, is valuable. ‘You’ve got to be authentic, you’ve got to be consistent, and I think the one thing more businesses could benefit from is being humble. It’s great if you want to be the next Facebook, but you’ll earn a lot more respect and trust from your customers if you know who you are, right now.’


To achieve strength through branding, Karen believes businesses need to commit to the long-term development of their brand. ‘It’s amazing how many brands don’t realise the number of ways to leverage a brand’s value and that there are also ways that you can damage a brand if it does not remain true to its position.’


With a brand strategy in place, and by maintaining a consistency and an authenticity to that strategy, Keeva believes: ‘you will get much greater return from your advertising, content marketing and social media campaigns, because you will mean something to your customers, and that meaning will translate into greater engagement.’


Quip Brands is the new company name for Quip Creative. This rebranding represents the company’s shift towards brand strategy as a key service focus, in addition to campaign strategy and creative development. The launch panel event was hosted at WeWork Sydney.

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